Project: Parents@work


This project is funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union (2014-2020).


General description:

The CPD is a partner in the Parents@Work project, funded by the European Union's Equality and Citizenship Rights Programme (2014-2020).


General goal of the project:

Raising awareness and informing employers about the rights of pregnant women / parents + about measures for work-life balance.



Increased awareness and improved knowledge of employers at both national and EU level: both employers and their employees will benefit from this result. Employers will not break the law intentionally and will have the tools and measures to ensure the balance of work and private life. Employees will benefit from this because the risk of being treated or fired unfavorably during pregnancy or wanting to take parental leave will be reduced. As stated in the project call, this will lead to better enforcement of EU law and better protection of workers.

Raised awareness of good practices for work-life balance in EU Member States.

Dissemination of good practices at national and international level will increase the number of employers who could use these measures for ensuring work-life balance. Dissemination of good practice at European level will make both equality bodies and employers in other EU Member States better aware of practices that already exist.

This will lead to a better promotion of measures for work-life balance and better implementation, which is the goal of the project.



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